Video: Renni Rucci Feat.Lil Yachty- (Cold Hearted)

Lil Yachty Joins Renni Rucci’s Igloo Mansion In “Cold Hearted” Music Video

The Quality Control artists link up.

Renni Rucci is one of the rap game’s fresh faces. While Rucci already has her own following, her collaboration with Lil Yachty is set to cast a wider net and bag new fans for the rising artist. The labelmates teamed up for her song “Cold Hearted” and offered some icy visuals to complement their sound.

Both rappers deliver their lines from a winter landscape and massive igloo. The female emcee keeps warm with a fur getup. The sexy outfit is in line with her “#wolfpack” motto.

Rucci’s claim to fame began with freestyle covers. She is now carving her own territory with some completely original material.

“‘Bodak Yellow,’ that was the first song I jacked (rapped over the instrumental). I said I was going to dance to a song at work. Every girl at work liked that song, so I said, ‘They’re going to play my song at work.’ After that, it was a wrap. I did a couple more, but when I did ‘Trending,’ Pee reposted it.”


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