Mp3: Mathaius Young- Visine

Mathaius Young- Visine Mp3,Zip,Itunes, Cdq, Flac, 320 Kbps Download

Mathaius Young Prepares Upcoming Album With "Visine" Single

“Take The Night Away 2” will be arriving soon.

Mathaius Young is fully prepared for his time in the spotlight. While it can sometimes be overwhelming to keep track of how many new artists are breaking out, Young has been consistently delivering some of the best music of his life in the last year.

Quotable Lyrics:

N***as think we cool, they smokin’ crack
N***as switchin’ up for some racks
Had they ass runnin’ like a track
Tellin’ all your business, he a rat
Tell my bros split ’em for some stacks
Loyalty before the money, that’s a fact
Tell me when that bass hit your back
I’ma make your face hit the… yeah


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